Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo) – Delhi Rapes and Rape of Reason

Humor is something which requires a lot of creativity and talent. The stand-up comedy scene in India has significantly improved over the last decade after many individuals have resorted to pursuing it full time. Whilst, thinking from a comical point of view in itself is challenging, performing ‘socially relevant comedy’ definitely requires flair – the flair to incorporate social events into your performance and enforce them comically.

Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo), founder Entertainment Engineers, is now a well-known name across various colleges in India. He has the knack of directly establishing a connection through his comedy. After the success of Love in December back in college Nitin Gupta started Humor Beings (Entertainment Engineers) which is a premiere stand-up comedy company.

Read Nitin Gupta’s thoughts on starting up Humor Beings, the research work he puts for his shows and more here.

The recent ruthless rapes in Delhi have taken the nation by storm. Nitin with his keen interest in social happenings and current affairs talks about this situation in this recently released video. His comparisons are clean yet will directly strike chords with you.

Watch Nitin Gupta’s “Delhi Rapes and Rape of Reason”: